Scaffolding Today

Today there are more requirements that are provided for setting up scaffold structures, which mostly apply to most types of work scaffoldings. The purpose of these working scaffoldings is generally to provide a harmless working platform and avail access appropriate for working staff to do their activities with ease even at a height. There are several modern standards that have been formulated to guide on the performance necessities for operational scaffoldings- this is called the European standard. These standards are considerably independent of the materials of which these scaffolds are made from. However, these standards are only meant to be utilized as a basis for inquiries and design. The scaffolding Midlands specialists follow this European standards strictly in all their activities, and that is what sets them apart from other scaffolding firms from other parts of the world.

Scaffolding Materials

Scaffolds consist of three major materials, which include;

· Tubes- They are usually built from steel or aluminium. However, there has been the new entry of composite scaffolding which uses tubes which are filament-wound in nature made of glass fibre in a polyester or nylon matrix. They are not very famous due to the high cost associated with them. Steel tubes are usually black in colour or galvanised. These tubes come in diverse dimensions and a standard width of 48.3mm.

· Boards- They provide a working surface for scaffolding technicians. Seasoned woods which come in various thicknesses of 38mm, 50mm and 63mm with a 225mm standard width and a maximum length of 3.9 m. The ends of the boards are safeguarded by metal plates recognized as hoop irons.

· Couplers- These are fittings that hold the tubes intact, with the common type well-known as scaffolding couplers. There are three types of this common couplers, namely, putlog couplers, right-angle couplers and swivel couplers. For joining the tubes from end-to-end, sleeve couplers, nowadays are being used mostly.

Other well-known scaffolding apparatuses include base plates, ladders, anchor ties, ropes, reveal ties, gin wheels, just to name a few. Scaffold Midlands specialists have got the best quality materials that are able to produce excellent scaffolds that ought to make work easy for scaffolding experts.


The above mentioned are some of the materials that are used in scaffolding, as well as the main standards that are used in this industry. It is good to have such knowledge as a client, builder or scaffolding experts.